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Music is both my home and a journey.  It is a way of life.  Music is how I seek understanding in myself and about others.  My new recording is a departure from prior works.  I wanted to create something that required me to grow personally.  My inspirations taught me how to peel away the layers in order to go, “Beyond These Walls.”


2011 San Diego Songwriter’s Guild Winner, Michele Shipp continues to reach her audience with her title track, Beyond These Walls and Revealed.


Acoustic Alliance January 2011 Songwriter Showcase:

Reviewed by Allegro Music

January 23, 2011

The Acoustic Alliance is a product of Cathryn Beeks and her dedication to the local music community. This unique presentation puts 12 of Southern California's finest musicians on stage "in a round" in one evening. Cathryn's amazing ability to recognize talent and her dedication to introducing artists to the community have made her one of "The San Diego Music Scene's" most influential individuals. Cathryn's latest Acoustic Alliance production "Femedition" took the Acoustic Alliance to the next level. The "Femedition" edition of the "Acoustic Alliance" put 14 incredible women on stage on January 23rd 2011.  Michele Shipp rounded out the first set and showed us how a lifetime traveling and sailing can inspire an artist. Her experience is channeled through her talented vocals and lyrics. Michele is another example of The Acoustic Alliance's talent pool. She not only is a beautiful, talented artist,  but is also an educated attorney.

Reviewed by LL (harley) Richards

February 7, 2011

Rounding out the first set of four was, Michele Shipp, who playfully compared music in-the-round to speed dating. All three songs were from her new CD,Beyond These Walls. She played the upbeat “Shakin’ the Shaman” as well as the title track, yet it was the sexy, soulful “Revealed” that really stood out.

Arm’s Length CD Release: 

Reviewer Magazine
by Kent Manthie
Aug 18, 2006

Michele Shipp has put together a passionate and pretty record of guitar-strummin mojo waxin singer-songwriter jams that s what Arm s Length is about 48 minutes of soulful white girl charms a pretty voice a talented musician love well not to mention a seasoned songwriter who has also surrounded herself with some fine session musicians. Michele Shipp is surely not just another in a long line of vacuous hollow pretty faces. Lovely serene she is much more. Self-determined self-reliant I think she will be capable to stand on her own two feet for some time to come.

I like the mellow pop hooks the sweet crooning angelic voice that hovers above a sizzling guitar lick.

North County Times
by Jim Trageser
Feb 16, 2006

Alt-pop with more melody than attitude, San Diegan Michele Shipp's debut CD, "Arm's Length," shows a nice touch at songwriting and a better touch on performing those songs.

Shipp's sound is built around her husky vocals, and clean, open arrangements with keyboards, guitars and percussion. Not bare bones by any means, but not over-arranged, either: The focus is always on her singing.

On songs like "Just One," with its bubbling rhythm and mesmerizing pop hooks, the combination is pure magic - a song that in an earlier day would have been a Top 40 hit. "Descending" is its equal, although with a tougher edge. And on "Off Shore" and "Arm's Length" the addition of cello adds a gorgeous richness beneath her voice.


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